Compensation for Our Associates

Keller Williams Realty allows agents to earn more than 100% of their commissions! Whether from profit share or agent ownership, our agents can and do earn over 100%.

The commission plan at Keller Williams is the best in the industry, even if the profit share system were not in the equation.

At KW Center City the cap is $25,000 + $3,000 royalty or approximately $2.8 Million in sales. Once the cap is reached, all commissions earned by the KW associate during the remainder of their anniversary year with KW will be paid at 100%, Franchise Royalty included!

Through profit share and our capped commission structure you could actually net more than what you contribute to the market center – and there’s no other company that can say that. In 2016, over $100 Million was shared with our associates!

Vesting allows our associates to continue to be paid through the profit share system even though they are no longer with Keller Williams or even when they are no longer selling real estate.

Another plus – profit share survives you, and can provide passive income for your heirs for many years to come.

We believe in being in partnership with our associates and for that reason we have created the “capped” commission model. In doing so, we have devised a low risk, high reward split that minimizes risk while allowing the agent to retain the lion’s share of the commission.