Those who find success at KWRI thrive within a creative and collaborative culture and are self-motivated to create their own growth path.

If we think you might be a fit, this is what you can expect the interview process to look like:

Step 1


Submitted application will be reviewed by the recruiting team and hiring manager.

Step 2

Phone Screening Interview

Hiring manager will contact candidate for an initial phone interview to learn more about candidate's strengths and weaknesses and to discuss the open position and Keller Williams.

Step 3

Behavioral Assessment

Snapshot behavioral assessment understanding Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance (DISC). Hiring manager will meet with candidate to conduct validation of behavioral assessment.

Step 4

In-depth Behavioral Assessment

The Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) is an in-depth assessment that will help us better understand candidate's behavior based on four areas: assertiveness, sociability, calmness and conformity. Hiring manager will meet with candidate to conduct validation, getting an in-depth look at candidate's behavior in the workplace.

Step 5

Reference Checks

Hiring manager will request 15 references.

Step 6

Comprehensive Interview

Hiring manager will meet with candidate to perform comprehensive interview.

The Keller Williams Recruit-Select process provides us the opportunity to learn about your skills and experience, for you to learn about KWRI, and – we hope – for you to learn about yourself.

The rewarding career you're looking for is at KWRI.

We can't wait to meet you.